Book production, advertising, promotion, and marketing are crucial to you and your book’s success. This is definitely true to every self-published author out there. Trying to handle all of these processes simultaneously can be overwhelming, especially if you’re inexperienced. Don’t fret because Paper Bytes Marketing can help. Here are some of the first-class services we provide:

Online Marketing

Do you have a platform where you can advertise and market your book? If you don’t, we got you covered! Take advantage of our blog services and reach a wide audience in a span of time. Not only that, you can avail yourself of our advertising services and broaden your book’s exposure on the Internet."

Professional Book Review

Get your book reviewed from professionals and establishes your credibility as an author. Learn from a  book critic’s point of view and determine what you can improve if you decide to write your next book. We ensure that all reviews are unbiased for your satisfaction.

Print Ads & Publicity

Nothing beats seeing your book being featured in renowned media channels. 

Multimedia Marketing

Nothing beats having a video presentation of your book! Our professional voice-over talent will take care of the storytelling in the video. Sound's good, right? Not only that, we can add quality designs and visual effects to make it more visually appealing. Of course, we'll distribute the custom book video to YouTube to maximize exposure.


If you're looking for advertising opportunities, you can avail yourself of our YouTube marketing services. There's no need to worry about paying in bulk because you can choose from a selection of monthly subscription options that will relatively fit your budget and requirements!

Book to Screen

Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, John Wick, and Twilight have something in common: these popular movie titles came from paperback. Yes, you’ve heard it right. If you’re curious that your book can make it on the big screen or want to see a television adaptation of your literary masterpiece, take advantage of our book to screen services. We’ll create a film treatment out from the contents of your book and send it to movie agents, writers, producers, and executives. Who knows, your book will be the next Hollywood blockbuster!

Radio Interviews

Do you need to improve your book’s public visibility and awareness? If you do, why not get interviewed over the radio by Kate Delaney and Al Cole.

Essential Services

Take advantage of our Bookseller Returnability Program and acquire a “Returnable” tag on your printed book, attracting libraries and bookstores. The tag will also appear on Ingram and Barnes & Noble websites. Printed books that are returned will not affect the royalties you’ve earned in a specific store for your satisfaction.


If you’re looking for more ways to market your book, you can avail yourself of our website creation services. Having a digital platform to showcase your publications will definitely boost online visibility and presence, thus making it easier for your target market or audience to find your books! Apart from that, we can also help create your own ecommerce website. This way, you’ll be able to sell your books in a hassle-free way.


If you decide to sell on Amazon, we can help you through our Amazon Publicity Campaign service. We ensure to create a pleasing profile that will fit your personality and needs, as well as showcase your published books! Plus, we’ll see to it that your Amazon ratings will increase over time.


Lastly, our Renewal services, both local and international, will help secure your own license for your published books. Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have complete authority over your publication! 

If you need book marketing and advertising, Paper Bytes Marketing is the company you can trust. Call us right now and our agents will be happy to help!