Little Maxim, orphaned at 5, asked three questions and was blessed with the following answers from the Universe.

First question - Dear Universe, show me how I can serve you. Answer - Follow your dream, because your dream is my dream. That is the only way you can serve me.

Second question - Dear Universe, show me how I can serve humanity. Answer - Follow your dream. I gave you that dream so that you can serve humanity.

Third question - Dear Universe, show me what I can do today that will make my heart sing with joy.

Answer - Follow your dream. you can be happy only when you follow your dream.

I hope, you can, now, understand the importance of your desires and dreams.......... Gladiator

The book in your hands spans different dimensions and life times and is full of spiritual truths that will keep your attention riverted to it.

This is the second book in the trilogy of the spiritual fiction published under the name of "YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE MAGICIAN".

You are the Ultimate Magician: Know Thy Power and Be Free

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