Alaska Closed her eyes and silently asked "Come on Gladiator, why aren't you coming? I want to meet you. We all do." And again she was surprised by the sensation she had, and still more surprised when she heard him say "Your wish is my command, Princess." She immediately opened her eyes. Of course, he was not there, but she had actually felt his presence. Her whole body was tingling.

- Alaska

"Are you an alien?" Gladiator was asked.

He replied, "The answer that comes to my mind is 'Aren't you one'?"

- Gladiator

My advice is, do not age gracefully or otherwise, if you do not want to! Your body, your most obedient friend, ever ready to please you, says "Yes, my lord, as you expect, so shall I be!"

- Gladiator

Clothes don't make a man charismatic..... It is his energy. What frequency is he vibrating at? His high frequency makes him stand-

out or charismatic as you call it.....

- Gladiator

Real magic happens only when you know who or what you truly are. Your life begins to flow in perfect symphony. A sense of well- being will be your constant companion, without any apparent reason or effort. When you are connected to, and aware of your true-self, you become irresistible to others.....

- Gladiator

"Gladiator changed us all without actually doing anything. He made us realize and believe in our inheret power, he showed us who we truly are. He taught us to let go of all doubts and finally, he taught us to fearlessly create the life of our dreams".....

- Mark

You are the Ultimate Magician: Fearlessly Create The Life of Your Dreams

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