The callous humor often found in law enforcement officers is a jaunty practice between Cody Hunter and his two close associates who depend upon one another with their very lives. The three are remarkably gifted in hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and athleticism. A different background is found in each of them with no similarity in culture or affinity. Yet each one views the other two as if they had been raised in blood ties. Cody was born a working cowboy with every trait of deference for his fellow man. He is warm and friendly even with the enemy as long as possible. He loves flying and in a strange twist of humor, he loves to land them harshly and safely crash if they belong to the opposition, much to the disapproval of his two comrades. He is the new guy in the federal group that secretly hires people of their capabilities to carry out missions that are impossible to remedy lawfully. He learned from the other two by on-the-job training. Even so, he is continuously threatened to have his false probationary period extended. He is thirty--three, six-one, slender with cold blue eyes and light hair. Bob is also six-one and slender but is dark-headed with brown eyes. He was born in the Ozarks and loves to hunt. He is innocent and detests conflicts. Leo is Boston-raised, muscular, five-ten, ruddy complexion, orange hair, and 100 percent Irish. He loves confrontations and any skirmish he can joyfully encounter, regardless of the intensity. His ability to shoot is equal to a side-show artist, exactly as Bob and Cody. He can perform any type of athletic skill but run. His squatty legs will simply not move fast. He loves humor but constantly begrudges his partners’ aptitude to make a joke. They have worked together for three years and have accomplished all their assignments but capture Saddam Hussein. They felt retired and have adjusted to normal living when they received alerts that the two cartels they had laid to waste earlier had survived and hired the most offensive and evil mercenaries possible. The mercenaries were to capture the three men and torture them under the best video and audio equipment available. The torture was to last for days or until the three men’s hearts stopped. Cody was at home in Tucson when he was called. Bob was called near his home on a public payphone. Leo was in jail in Israel and wanted out. Dan, their boss in the Bogota Station of the D.E.A. called Bob first and lost him after the telephone suddenly went silent. Worried, he Called Cody and ordered him to bail Leo out of jail first, and then find Bob before terminating the mercenaries. Cody and Leo were underway when they were inadvertently nabbed by the mercenaries. Bob had to be located before he could rescue his two partners, wherever they might be.

The Cartels Error

  • Author ‏: ‎ H Allen Taylor

    Language ‏: ‎ English

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    Book Genre: True Crime/Action Thriller