Slave Traders introduces you to a new universe filled with 
darkness. It is ruled by Slave Traders and the Ninth Faction. 
Within this universe are the Rangers themselves, an ability based 
race of humanoids. The main character, Cameron Lynn 
Summers, is a Ranger with some amazing abilities.
Freedom is an unknown commodity in Known-Space at this 
point in time, a fact that Cameron must learn the hard way as 
she is forced into service for Slave Lord James Ferrell and works 
alongside his bodyguard Alex Sheridan, also a Ranger.
It is an exciting journey that involves the Draith war and new 
hybrid creatures called Tuskerons. Alex Sheridan says it best, 
“Welcome to the Damned”.

Rangers Universe: Slave Traders

  • Author ‏: ‎ Douglas James Cheatham

    Language ‏: ‎ English

    File size ‏: ‎ 784 KB

    Book Genre: SCI-FI/Juvenile Fiction/Fiction