Five years after the destruction of Rydon (the Ranger home 
world) there is not much in Known-Space that is just. Ranger 
Kyle Marcus Knight is determined to make the Universe safe 
and restore justice, even if he must do it alone. (Rangers are 
extremely arrogant).
The Draith war is over and the Slave Traders, Draith and 
Ninth Faction have control. The Humanoid populations are in 
trouble. Through sheer determination Kyle is able to create an 
alliance of a small group of Rangers with a wide variety of 
abilities to fight the evil that has destroyed and enslaved so 
many lives.
Search for Justice is the continuing story of Cameron Lynn 
Summers (Slave Traders) and introduces you to a new group of 
Rangers with amazing abilities.
This story is filled with action and promise. It shows the 
courage and strength of a small group who are determined to 
restore freedom and justice to the Universe no matter what the 

Rangers Universe: Search for Justice

  • Author ‏: ‎ Douglas James Cheatham

    Language ‏: ‎ English

    File size ‏: ‎ 792 KB

    Book Genre: SCI-FI/Juvenile Fiction/Fiction