There are many questions to be answered in this continuing saga of 
the Rangers Universe. Where is Kyles brother Casey? Why are the 
number of Draith declining? How to strengthen the Alliance and work 
together for the safety of Known-Space?
Kyle Marcus Knight, Cameron Lynn Summers and their small but 
mighty alliance believe they have turned a corner in their search for justice 
within Known-Space. They are unaware of the evil headed their way.
The Imperium, an incredibly old, highly intelligent and masterful race 
are coming back to Known-Space after being out in the Void for 
Kyle and Cameron along with their allies must defeat the Imperium 
or see everything they know disappear. Their desperation leaves them no 
choice but to risk everything in a way that you have to read to believe.

Rangers Universe: Return of the Imperium

  • Author ‏: ‎ Douglas James Cheatham

    Language ‏: ‎ English

    File size ‏: ‎ 956 KB

    Book Genre: SCI-FI/Juvenile Fiction/Fiction