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Why Write An Author Blog?

The succinct answer is maybe. If you're considering starting a blog only because someone advised you to and you're already tired, blogging is not for you. However, if you're thrilled, it could be. There are advantages and disadvantages to blogging for everyone, but particularly for authors. In this blog, we will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a blog so that you can make the most desirable choice for your particular circumstances.

Author Blog: Definition

An author blog is a blog created by an author to attract and retain readers. The blog is not the final objective; it is a marketing and commercial tool for growing your email list and ultimately selling more books.

Author Blog: Advantages

One of the primary benefits of an author's blog is the development of a regular writing habit. A successful blog is constant. As a result, if you commit to your author blog, you will write consistently. This is a skill that you may use in your book writing.

Certain nonfiction writers may even choose to blog about their work. You may cover various subjects and suggestions in your blog posts and then utilize them as a comprehensive plan for your book. Then you may go further into the subject matter of your book.

Blogging fiction or memoir does not work as well since, technically, once your tale is blogged, it has already been published. The majority of publishers need first publishing rights, which you have already obtained.

Blogging is a time-tested method of driving visitors to a website, which means that more traffic equals increased sales if you sell books straight from your website. Google prefers dynamic websites that continually add new pages – and having more pages increases your chances of appearing in search results. If you write about book-related subjects, new readers may discover you through your author's blog.

Similarly, an author blog may help you build your authority and reputation. This is particularly critical for nonfiction writers. By demonstrating your expertise and abilities via a blog, you increase the likelihood that readers will select your book when they need more comprehensive, in-depth assistance.

You may cultivate an audience for your books while writing them by maintaining a blog, which is particularly beneficial if you're blogging about your nonfiction book. An author blog enables people to discover you and develop an appreciation for and confidence in you as an author. Because people read blogs, each blog post should have a section for readers to subscribe to your email list. In this manner, you may notify your blog followers when a new blog post or book is published.

When you blog frequently, you generate material for emails that you can send to your list regularly: your blog article. Marketing is a process of repurposing information to maximize the advantages of each concept. Your blog is a marketing tool; thus, send a snippet or the whole article to your readers to inform them that you are continuously publishing.

You may even establish a commercial relationship as a result of your blog. Through your author blog, an agent, acquiring editor, or publisher may discover you. This seems improbable, yet it has occurred. More likely, you will be asked to guest post on another author's blog, another author will discover your blog and contact you about collaborating on marketing, or a member of the media, such as a podcaster, may seek an interview.

To sum it up, the benefits of an author blog include:

  • Developing a writing habit/writing regularly.

  • Finishing the first draft of your nonfiction book through blogging.

  • Increasing website traffic.

  • Establishing credence and expertise.

  • Gaining readers.

  • Providing content for email list subscribers.

  • Networking.

Author Blog: Disadvantages

Not all author blogs are created equal. The most significant disadvantage, and probably the most serious, is that blogging time takes away from writing time. Yes, an author blog will keep you writing, but not always for the sake of producing a book. For most writers, writing time is scarce enough as it is; adding another responsibility is not the wisest course of action.

You may be thinking, "I'll blog just when I have time or feel like it," but that is not a successful strategy for a blog. To be effective and attract visitors to your website, you must blog regularly. At a bare minimum, once a month. Aim to publish a new article once a week or more often. If you don't, if you post an article weekly for a few months and then stop, your whole website will seem abandoned and out of date. This implies that readers will be unable to purchase books on the site.

As mentioned, blogging your book — whether fiction or nonfiction – constitutes publishing it. A story is deemed published if it appears anywhere on the internet. You can no longer trade first publishing rights — which are required by the majority of publishers. This is true for literary journals as well as traditional book publishers.

Additionally, there is a lot of commotion on the internet right now, which translates into rivalry for the readers of your author's blog. It's going to take time for your blog to get traction. There are more efficient and expedient methods of marketing your books. While many of them involve financial investment, you may spend either money or time when it comes to marketing. A blog is a pure time investment, which may or may not be appropriate for you.

You are unlikely to get compensated for your author blog. While some people earn a livelihood as bloggers, such individuals spend their days working on their blogs. Additionally, it is far more challenging to get into the high-earning blogging world now than it was only a few years ago. Finally, are you an author or a blogger? If you're considering establishing an author blog, we believe you already know the answer.

To conclude, the disadvantages of an author blog include:

  • Time savings on book authoring.

  • The appearance of an abandoned website.

  • The fact that your book is officially released via a blog.

  • A sluggish marketing approach.

  • A high level of competition.

  • The absence of monetary reward.

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