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What Is An Indie Author?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

What is an indie author, and why do every countless blog out there continuously mention the word. Unfortunately, the writers assume that you have already understood the term indie author. This blog will explain to you what an indie author is and how it differs from self-published authors.

Indie Author

Indie author or an independent author is a writer of nonfiction or fiction books who self-publishes and keeps and owns all rights to their work. In contrast to writers who self-publish a book for their relatives, friends, or the community, an indie author earns a career by creating and publishing books. They are considered indie writers because, compared to writers who sign exclusive contracts with a single trade publisher, they are mainly sufficient creative directors of their publications and publishing businesses.

Indie Author vs. Self-Publishing Authors

Self-publishing is the act of an author publishing media without the assistance of a traditional publisher. Typically, the phrase refers to textual material, such as books and periodicals, which are available as ebooks or physical copies through POD (print on demand) technology.

Meanwhile, indie authors are authors who self-publish to sell, take publishing seriously, and wish to reach the most significant number of readers possible while growing a lucrative author-publishing company.

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