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What are the Greatest Difficulties Authors Face?

Writers create their world that makes us immersed and forget the events in our surroundings. They also challenge us on how we view the world. But, they might be creators and game-changers, they also face some difficulties.

The following are the greatest difficulties that authors face:

Where to Start

It is a troublesome experience for authors if they do not know where to start their story. Especially if they already have an idea of the story and how it will unfold. They have a hard time on what will be the appropriate angle that would best fit the story.

Writer’s Block

Authors are suddenly faced with a situation where they do not know what to write next. On what will be the next situation of the characters that will be experiencing. They will continuously blank stare on the screen thinking what they would write, but nothing comes up.

Having writer’s block could be due to stress, self-criticism, fear, perfectionism, external pressure, and more. To counterattack writers, unwind or take a break for a while. Writers should relieve first the pressure or fear that they are feeling.

Constant Worry

Having a constant worry about what will happen in your book will not do a good thing. It will affect the creative process of the author. Instilling this worry in their mind will make them lose the will to continue writing. Writers should express their story without thinking about the outcome of it. Writers are meant to express their views, not critique their work.


Surrounding yourself with distractions can lose authors the will to continue writing. As they will be distracted to do other things instead of focusing on writing.

Authors and aspiring writers should take the time to express their stories. Make some time and go to an area where they can focus on writing.

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