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Sensitivity Reading vs. Book Censorship

Sensitivity reading has been an important aspect when it comes to dealing with highly controversial matters. So what is sensitivity reading? And how does it differ from book censorship?

Sensitivity Reading

The sensitivity reader finds hurtful or stereotypical material, prejudice, bias, misrepresentation, etc. They are responsible for providing a report to the author and publisher, who then incorporate their findings and suggest ways to resolve them. Performing these results makes significant improvements to the overall quality of the job.

A sensitivity reader comes from a particular community or nation, and therefore the author must write about that group or nation. They will integrate academic and personal experience while incorporating both personal and academic reading. While some advise that authors use several sensitivity readers, mainly if they're writing about a culture they're unfamiliar with, further consideration is that authors must choose readers who are similar to them in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity. Although many people may originate from the same ethnic group, each of us has had distinct personal experiences and is molded by the land we were raised with.

Book Censorship

Book censorship is the action of an administration suppressing thoughts and information contained inside a book. It is defined as "the restriction of free speech and other established kinds of power." The reasons for censoring a book are age appropriateness, foul language, and sexual material.

Sensitivity Reading vs. Book Censorship

In sensitivity reading, the sensitivity reader provides input to make the representation better. Thus, to ensure that there is a good representation of the story's characters or events. Therefore, sensitivity reading is all about enhancing the book and book censorship is, and book censorship is about suppressing or quelling a thought and information.

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