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Popular Professional Book Review Companies

Professional book reviews can make a difference in an author's journey.

It is a rule of thumb that when it comes to buying a book, readers check the feedback of a respected reviewer. The following list of popular book reviewers is known for their tenacity in giving an honest review. They do not sugar coat what they view on a particular book. Thus, readers are expected to know that they are on the right track of the value of the book they are getting.

The following are the lists of Professional Book Reviews that can help in alleviating the status of your book. You need to take into consideration what would work best for you. Also, to have your book reviewed, you need to pay some money which differs on the genre of the book.

Kirkus Review

Also known as Kirkus Media, a book review magazine that is founded by Virginia Kirkus (1993). They are known for their credibility in giving a review. They increase the recognition and market value of the author.

Clarion Review

Clarion Review will connect your book to your intended audience. It will be posted on their high-traffic website and affiliated book wholesalers. They will provide a quality review of your book to ensure that you get a good value for your payment.

BlueInk Review

Ensures that the feedback is accurate and according to the genre. BlueInk Review book reviews are done by professional critics and writers. It adds to the credibility of the author’s standing (social media, press releases, and other websites).

Pacific Book Review

Reviews from Pacific Book review will assist the author in generating sales and increase publicity. They are hugely recognized by publishers, authors, book agents, and the entirety of the literary industry. Having your book reviewed by a veteran author, your book will certainly appeal to your intended readers.

US Book Review

Do you have a fiction or nonfiction book that you want to be reviewed? US Review of Books (USR) is the right book reviewer for you. They have reviewers in designated genres of the book. They follow strict regulations, making sure that they are truly crafted in respect of the reviewer’s point of view.

New York Times Media Review

New York Times Media review is known as one of the leading magazines in the world. They are a great choice for authors who want their publicity campaign and book marketing boosted. However, having your book reviewed by them will not be easy as it will take a long time before they contact you (a couple of days, weeks, or even months!).

Los Angeles Times Media Review

Los Angeles Times Media review is a famous newspaper company in the U.S. with millions of readers daily. Having your book reviewed by them will boost your credibility and visibility as an author. They also have an exclusive website for book reviews in which they will feature in the books they have recently reviewed. They cover a wide variety of audiences.

Having your book reviewed by these professionals is not a walk in the park. You will need the assistance of a professional. Paper Bytes will assist you with the necessary processes and steps to get your book reviewed as soon as possible. We aim to make the transaction smooth and easy, ensuring the convenience of the authors.

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