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Paper Bytes: Rebranding A Book, Creating A Clean- Cut Look

Updated: May 4, 2021

A technique of changing the public's perception of a brand's image is known as rebranding.

There are multiple reasons why authors opt to rebrand their books. This could be because of the pricing, the book cover design doesn’t reflect the story, to differentiate oneself from other authors, or due to poor image. Also, to meet the current trends on the market.

Whatever reason may have led you to realize why you need to rebrand your new book, Paper Bytes will help you to attain the look you want for your book.

Why Rebrand your Book? Major Reasons

  • Readers are confused with your book title.

There are occasions when the reader has a different feel of what the book is all about. They are confused about what is the genre of the book all about.

The book titles must be aligned with the books genre to avoid confusing the readers.

  • Book Title and Cover Design do not complement your book.

Book title and cover design should always go hand in hand. Having a good book design must be under the title of the book. As not complementing the two would create uncertainty on the end of the readers.

  • Your Book is Expensive!

Your book may be too expensive for regular readers, and you decided to cater to their demands. Rebranding your book to accommodate them is a good choice.

Why Choose Paper Bytes?

Rebranding your book should be a hassle- free on your part, Paper Bytes helps you achieve your publishing goals. You can take note of your demands and the things you want to be emphasized in your book and we will cater to them.

We have professional editors to ensure the sleek look of your book.

You can contact us at (888) 309-7588,

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