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Karla Raven Welch Reithmeier Pushes for Publicity and Marketing of her book Who Blows the Wind

Updated: May 4, 2021

Marketing your book isn’t always an easy task. This is definitely true, whether you are old or new in the world of publishing. However, if you are looking for a company that can help, you can always rely on Paper Bytes Marketing.

In this blog, we will feature Karla Raven Welch Reithmeier, author of Who Blows the Wind. We have worked closely with her to help her achieve her marketing campaign and publicity campaign goals.

Her book Who Blows the Wind follows the story of a Native American boy who becomes curious about the wind. It also touches on the tales and legends of the past that people used to respect and communicate with nature. Author Karla Rave Welch Reithmeier relaunches her book with a Press Release made by our professionals in Paper Bytes Marketing. We extracted all the significant information about the book for the press and media. We also wrote the press release in a way to attract new readers and audiences.

Not only that, but we also prepared a film treatment about the book, in case author Karla Raven Welch Reithmeier decides to write a sequel or a series.

Who Blows the Wind is an inspiring story for children, filled with valuable lessons learned through reading the entire book. We also made sure that the colors, illustrations, and texts inside the book are improved.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in book marketing and self-publishing services, Paper Bytes Marketing is the one you can trust.

We’ll feature more of our authors in the future. Who knows, you may be the one next in line for our feature blogs!

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