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How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Writing

The way we create and consume written material may be about to undergo a radical shift.

Throughout human history, writing with the advent of technology has evolved and improved in various ways. Handwriting tools have progressed from imprints in clay to brushes and ink to the ubiquitous ballpoint pen (a surprisingly tricky device to perfect). Mass production and distribution of texts have been made possible thanks to the widespread usage of digital reproduction and printing technologies such as print and smartphones, which have given writers new opportunities to express themselves through writing.

Increase the Writing Process

One thing that all of these developments in writing technology do to speed up and streamline the writing process, which is essentially the physical act of putting marks on the paper. Writers have always defined that mark, both its use and the material it denotes. However, this isn’t the case any longer.

Literacy is being undermined as computers take over more and more of the mental labor needed in writing. These changes have the potential to have far-reaching effects, maybe unprecedented in the writing history.


While technology has impacted creativity, some writers have seen an increase in the quality of their writing as a result of communication technologies. Certain authors are adept at utilizing the internet to cover their subjects thoroughly. On the road, writers might generate fresh ideas for their writing.

The internet has expedited the rate at which authors may obtain pertinent information for their work. Additionally, it provides authors with access to new databases that they would not have had if they had searched for material physically. Writers might compare their writing styles to those of other writers from across the world in order to enhance their writing quality.

Grammar Usage

Prior to the advent of modern communication technologies, writers penned their manual manuscripts on paper before transferring them to a typewriter for printing. They were not relying on any tool or software to determine the accuracy of their grammar. Classic writers proofread their word for word in order to find grammatical errors.

Without grammar checkers, writers were forced to memorize all of a language’s rules before writing in it. With the advent of new technology, the approach has shifted. Some writers practice accurate spelling by typing words into a word processor. Many writers rely on proofreading software to proofread their work.

While grammar checkers are quicker and occasionally more accurate than authors, they do not check for concept coherence. They may draw attention to problematic phrases but not the flow of the thought. Writers who proofread their work can spot and repair errors in the flow and consistency of their ideas.

Articulation and Creativity

Modern writers have access to vast amounts of knowledge that was not available to classical writers. Great works were only created only through the efforts of the authors themselves. The surrounding social and physical milieu influenced their manuscripts. As a lack of knowledge available to early writers, they were able to structure their thoughts and ideas systematically.

Today’s writers have access to other writers’ work and can readily steal ideas from them. Ideas from several websites can be copied and pasted into a word processor, organized, and presented as an original. Writers have so many ideas to incorporate into their writing that many struggles to organize them logically.

Language Usage

Traditionally, writers wrote in their native or second languages. Modern writers may quickly convert their work into many languages and reach a larger audience. Writers do not need to learn or master other languages in order to translate their work into those languages.

Many of these technological advances are quick and dynamic, necessitating the responsiveness of writers to shifting requirements. The written world is evolving at a breakneck pace-as is our world.

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