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Different Types of Editors

Are you done writing your draft? Well-done! You may think that it is time for it to be published but there’s more to be done. You need to look for a different type of editor that best suits your needs. Read on to know the different types of editors.

The following are the types of editors:

Commissioning Editor

In essence, a commissioning editor or acquisition editor is a buyer. They search for books and other relevant items to publish in the book business. They do this by prospecting for new talent and analyzing author-submitted book ideas and manuscripts.

The commissioning editors of magazines are responsible for identifying authors to write certain pieces. Conversely, this role is more closely connected with book publishing and because of cost-cutting initiatives, the commissioning editor's work is often included in the responsibilities of all editors.

They create a publishing agency's product list. They visit book fairs in search of publishable manuscripts and seminars. The objective here is to create a viable list of titles that will appeal to certain reviewers and segments of the reading population. Thus, the work requires a delicate mix of critical appraisal and market research into the trends and interests of all sorts of bookworms.


The editor in chief oversees all organizational divisions and is liable for managing and allocating staff member’s work. Periodicals, television shows, newspapers, and yearbooks often utilize the word editor-in-chief. In most cases, they serve as the liaison between the owner or book publisher and the editorial team.

The word is also used to refer to academic publications, where the editor-in-chief makes the final decision on whether or not to publish an issued material. They make this judgment after consulting with reviewers picked for their competence in the field. For bigger publications, the choice is often made on the advice of one of many associate editors, each of whom is responsible for a subset of the papers submitted.

Copy Editor

Copy editors serve as the media and literary industry's grammatical gatekeepers. They proofread stories—or, in industry parlance, "copy"—for anything from typos to incomprehensible phrases to missing commas. Generally, copy editors have worked for newspapers, book publishers, and periodicals. Of course, copy editors may find work in a variety of fields outside of the media.

Contributing Editor

A contributing editor has varying duties. A contributing editor is frequently, but not necessarily, a "high-end" freelancer, consultant, or specialist with shown competence and readership attraction. This contributing editor contributes articles to the journal regularly but does not always edit them. Rather than a more standard editing job, the word "editor" here indicates a certain amount of distinction.

In other cases, a contributing editor may handle projects or specific areas of a magazine while also doing normal editing tasks. At smaller periodicals, the title may refer to a staff person who is responsible for regular writing as well as some editorial tasks. They work for magazines, journals, books, websites, and publications.

Content Editor

Content editors write, edit, and publish content for websites and printed documents. This position entails activities such as brainstorming ideas for various briefs, creating content guidelines, tracking traffic figures and online data, and revising material to adhere to SEO best practices.

This is primarily a full-time position, and content editors sit behind a desk, primarily inside the content or marketing department, however, select firms may allow for remote work. They must have excellent written and vocal communication skills, as well as proficiency with technology, attention to details, and an enthusiasm for writing.

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