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Defending Authors Against Publishing Scams

Writers feel restless and hopeless when they discovered that they had been duped. Who wouldn’t be, after all? The sheer arrogance of making false promises gets on their nerves every time, at the expense of a fortune. To put it mildly, book publishing scams are the most heinous.

Writers inspire new knowledge, and defrauding them with ostensibly legitimate book publicity service robs them of their aim. There are only a few large and notable book publishers, but others seek publicity without realizing how it is done. This is precisely why almost all book publicity agencies are never debated without the subject being sour.

Publishing Scams: Corrupted Good Intentions

It is the writer’s responsibility to broaden their reader’s perspectives. This noble intent is unjustly corrupted, preventing writers from realizing the full potential of their work- specifically, the unfulfilled justice of an incompetent book publicist’s promise. The conflicting intention of two entities, authors and marketing scammers, creates a chasm requiring the former to take a leap of faith to work with authentic book publicists.

Trust issues can be highly detrimental to an author’s career. As a result, book publicity agencies must ensure that these trust issues are never overlooked. By being transparent and conducting a thorough walk-through of the entire service process, there is a good chance that the writers will regain their trust in book publicity agencies. Promises that are far-fetched to be fulfilled should never be discussed with the writers. They breed destructive hope that they will inevitably discourage them as the unrealistic goals fail to materialize.

Rather than discouraging writers from pursuing their dreams, book publicists should ensure that writers maintain their enthusiasm. How is this so? By exposing writers to the complete truth about mere publicity. Additionally, this helps protect writers from being conned, and blogs that disparage all online book publicists would vanish.

At All Costs, Writer Protection

Protecting writers from publishing scams entails encouraging them to continue writing as long as the intended target audience reads their works. However, how do book publicists safeguard writers against publishing scams? Since transactions are conducted over the phone or online, book publicists must address all inquiries from an interested party and divulge all pertinent information to close all loopholes of ambiguity.

Following that, the book publicists must forward an email containing a document summarizing the discussion to increase transparency. Book publicists must allow writers to weigh their options carefully rather than pressuring them into a package that exceeds their budget- all for the sake of closing a deal. If you want to regain the writers’ trust in book publicity agencies, a cautious approach is critical. Subsequently, frequent contact with the writer (ensuing the conclusion of a deal) demonstrates to the writer that you are a trustworthy individual.

The writer’s highest goal is to convey their message or to enlighten the reader. This intention bestows hope, life, and an infinite number of opportunities for the book’s readers. Corrupting this intention entails depriving the possible readers of the three items mentioned in the previous sentence. That is why legitimate book publicists should safeguard writers against scammers’ fraudulent acts. Thus, it will eradicate the contempt for book publicity agencies, and genuine book publicists will fully protect the writers’ aspirations.

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