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Creating Advance Reader Copy

Advance reader copy is invaluable to writers because they get their works directly into the hands of reviewers, bloggers, and other individuals who may provide feedback, exposure, or endorsements for the author’s work.

It is distinct from proofs in that they are not intended for the author’s reading; they are provided to reviewers around three months before the book’s publication. Furthermore, it lets the author see what the reviewers think of their work, allowing for adjustments or changes prior to its release. The following are some pointers on how to establish an advanced reader copy.

Why Is It Necessary?

Acquiring book reviews ahead of release can assist in establishing the author’s platform with readers and will contribute to building credibility. While many writers squirm at the prospect of self-promotion, advanced reader copy is an excellent tool to reach out to influencers. With the emergence of digital proofs, creating and distributing advanced reader copies has never been simpler.

The author may purchase a book to be produced and forwarded directly to book reviewers as they affirm their interest, avoiding the possibility of squandering money on unnecessary copies and avoiding additional costs.

Ascertain that your Advance Reader Copy consists of the following:

  • On the cover, a disclaimer identifies the book as an advance reader copy.

  • A phrase or two noting that is an unedited proof with an undetermined price and publishing date.

  • An instructive list of the book’s essential metadata details (ISBN, page count, publication date, price- subject to change, etc.).

Printing Advance Reader Copy

Advance reader copies used to be costly to produce and were distributed months in advance of release, and were packaged in simple covers marked “Not for Resale”. At the moment, many independent publishers provide review copies with the intended cover and employ print on demand. They utilized print-on-demand to keep the cost of making advance reader copies low. However, it does not mean that applying one will imply that the book is inexpensive. It may be true a few years ago, the distinction between print-on-demand and conventional offset printing is more blurred these days.

Even established publishing agencies are using print-on-demand processes, owing to their cost-efficiency and risk-free nature. When constructing one, the most convenient method is to use digital proofs. They save your money on shipping and printing and dispatch in a small amount of time rather than weeks. Digital proofs have mostly supplanted paper advance reader copy, and they are not hard to generate. The author must inquire on whether the reviewers prefer a printed one or a digital version.

If they have chosen the printed one, it is a good idea to send them through priority shipping to save money and expedite delivery. Some writers use media mail due to its low cost. However, the author does not want to send out an advance reader copy and have it returned after two months. The released date has been set and the author wants to adhere to that timeline, and that involves sending out an advance reader copy provided with sufficient time for the reviewer to study the author’s content, post review on the back cover, provide input, and enable the author to make modifications prior to the released date.

Taking Care of the Advanced Reader Copy Output

The author should ascertain that the source file is professional-looking and neat. The style and formatting are consistent and are free of errors, even though this is not the final version, it should seem to be. Many reviewers have vast stacks of advanced reader copies to go through, and the author does not want to be buried in unsightly formatting issues. The font should be big enough to be read comfortably but not so huge that it becomes unappealing to the eye (standard fonts are 11-13). Moreover, recheck advanced reader copies for typographical errors and style flaws (which makes the difference between getting read and being forgotten).

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