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Christine Bionaz Reached the End of the Rainbow by Moving to Self-Publishing

There is the risk you can take, there is the risk you can’t afford to take, and there is the risk that you can’t afford not to take. Moving to self-publishing from traditional can be quite hassle and overwhelming but once you see the result, everything is worth it in the end. Take the case of author Christine Bionaz, author of To Catch a Rainbow. Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions worked with her during her move to self-publishing and the results were great so far.

Author Christine Bionaz took advantage of our rebranding and licensing services, providing her total control of her book. Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions was glad to assist the author in getting the publishing rights under her name. Another pros of rebranding and licensing is that she’ll be receiving 100% royalties from book sales, less the printing cost, and if you’ll work with us, we’ll process everything for your satisfaction and convenience in a hassle-free and stress-free way!

We look forward to working with author Christine Bionaz on her future endeavors for her book To Catch a Rainbow. If you’re looking for a company that can help you with your book marketing and production, Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions is the one you can trust. We strive to provide quality and trustworthy services to help authors reach their goals.

To Catch a Rainbow is a children’s story book about a girl named Olivia, who’s curious to catch the rainbow. Follow the magical journey of Olivia by grabbing a copy of the book at

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