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Book Reviews: Hows and Whys of Obtaining Them

Book reviews are an excellent method to increase awareness and visibility for your book. They are a critical component of the marketing side of publishing. However, what does this imply precisely? What kind of reviews are required, how do you get them, and where do you begin?

To begin, why are reviews so critical? Why should you worry so much about how people saw your book as "credible" and "important" by the general public?

To begin, it's all about exposure. You want to disperse the word about your book, mainly if it's good news. You may amplify this exposure on your own via personal connections, word-of-mouth, and internet reviews. However, you may want to hire a publicist if you're looking for book reviews from media sources with whom you have no personal connections; a publicist may assist you in improving both the number and quality of your book's exposure and coverage.

Specific reviews are informal blurbs made by Amazon enthusiasts who have read your book and expressed their thoughts on your book's Amazon website. Other book reviews are more official in tone, authored, and published by editors and other media professionals employed by a newspaper or magazine.

Frequently, you may get informal book evaluations on your own. Before the book is edited, you may contact close friends and family members (be careful to inform them that the text is raw); nevertheless, be sure to give them a complimentary copy when the book is released and send them a thank-you letter. You may share these reviews on Facebook or Twitter (be sure to give credit where credit is due! ), or you can ask your reviewers to do so on Amazon, Barnes &, Goodreads, Google+, Google Books, etc.

After you've released your book, you may solicit evaluations from professional contacts. You may submit these reviews in the exact locations as you would post reviews of books written by friends and relatives. Additionally, you may use these evaluations in news releases, brochures, and other promotional materials as endorsements. When requesting these book evaluations, be sure to provide a realistic deadline for completion.

Once you've completed the book's final files, you may begin contacting bloggers. You may see their review rules (some bloggers do not review any books) and contact information. Bloggers will publish book reviews on their sites and, on occasion, on Amazon and Goodreads. Refrain from making comments on the blog review to preserve your reputation. Express your gratitude soon after they agree to evaluate your book using your initial means of contact (NOT after they post the review).

While you may generate a lot of exposure on your own, there are certain limits. Numerous book reviewing venues (such as big blogs, newspapers with a weekly or daily book review section, large magazines, online book review sites, and renowned individuals you may not know personally) do not post contact information for writers and will not work directly with them. Occasionally, you will have access to your publisher's contact information. In certain instances, though, you will not, and you will need the assistance of a publicist who can directly contact media sources and seek book reviews on your behalf.

Obtaining a book review is an integral part of the publication process. Reviewing your book will enhance its visibility and may encourage more people to purchase a copy and examine what all the uproar is about. Paper Bytes, we provide a range of marketing services aimed at increasing your and your book's visibility. To discover more about our marketing services, please visit our Marketing Services Page!

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