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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Literary Agents

Do you need a literary agent? You may automatically think that it is a yes. But, that is not the case. Having one depends entirely on you.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of having a literary agent to know if it is the right one for you!


Trouble-free on Submissions

Literary agents aid you in submitting your manuscript to publishing companies on behalf of yourself. It will make you save some time in doing this entire process all by yourself. Furthermore, they will help you in giving your manuscript that is in line with your subject. Having literary agents can help you focus on your manuscript. You can have some time to refine it.

Trump Card

The publishing industry is a highly competitive field. Going through it all by yourself would be a grueling task. Having the assistance of a literary agent can serve as your trump card. Like you, there are tons of other writers out there waiting for their works to be noticed. But, it takes too much time if you do it all by yourself.

Literary agents will assist you. To ensure that your write-ups will be submitted and checked by publishing companies. Also, some publishers do not accept manuscripts if they are not endorsed by literary agents. If you want to step up your game as an author, then work with a literary agent!


Literary agents are competent in the world of publishing. It could be a cutthroat competition, but it does not mean that your book will not have the opportunity to be known. They help authors in getting a good deal for their book. Ensures that the benefits they will get are an advantage for them. Let the authors understand the ins and outs of the publishing process. Overall, they protect your creative work.


Literary agents have connections that most writers do not have. They are in touch with the right people and give the author's book in the right hands. For instance, a literary agent will not pitch your book thriller to an editor who prefers romance.


In short, a literary agent will aid the author throughout the process. They cater to your concerns and the appropriate measures to undertake in a particular scenario.


Write-up Representation

The writing process of every author is not the same. As an author, if you believe that you can do better in representing your book, then having a literary agent will not be the one for you. However, if you are in trouble on how to represent your work, then having a literary agent will be a much better case for you.

Weigh out the following advantages and disadvantages, choose what fits you!

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