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3 Major Questions Asked About Book Rebranding

In today’s post, we are going to answer the three (3) major questions about book rebranding.

We will provide a detailed explanation of some questions.

1. Why are we doing a book rebranding?

Book rebranding is essential if you want to change the perception of your readers. If your book has earned mixed reviews from your readers, then this is not a good thing. Book rebranding will help in elevating your brand. It will decrease the negative reviews.

Changes in the target market and irrelevance of the cover or design of your book may include the reasons why authors opt to rebrand their books. The design and content of the book must complement each other.

The price of your book could also be the reason why others choose to rebrand their books. Authors want their regular readers to be able to afford their books. If they keep the cost of the book as it is, they will not be able to cater to the demands of the readers.

2. What issue are we trying to solve?

To remove the confusion that the readers are feeling. There should be a connection between your title and the design of the book. We are also trying to enhance the credibility of the author and its book. Also, to resolve the negative reviews from the previous books.

3. Why should we care about our brand?

The brand is the basis of the readers if their worth in purchasing and reading them. Readers will easily be swayed in not availing the book if the rate of negative reviews is higher than positive reviews. Readers want to know and see that the author is delivering a good book.

Book rebranding is a game-changer to the overall standing of your brand. If done correctly, it will improve the authors standing.

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