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15 Facts Everyone Should Know About Audiobook

The audiobook sector has been one of the most fast-growing sectors of the publishing industry; thus, more writers create audiobooks. However, there is more to an audiobook than entertainment. Through this blog, the 15 facts that everyone should know about audiobooks are listed below.


Audiobooks (a term established in 1994 by Audio Publishers Association), also known as the talking book, are first designed for blind readers. Unlike conventional books or television programs, an audiobook may be listened to while doing other chores.

15 Facts Everyone Should Know About Audiobook

The purpose of audiobooks is not mainly entertainment. According to the Audio Publishers Association, there are tons of advantages to listening to audiobooks. Here are the facts everyone should know:

1. It helps expand and improve critical literacy skills (vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, pronunciation, speech acquisition, and phonemic awareness), resulting in increased reading scores.

2. As a family, listening together imparts the opportunity for shared reading experiences and serves as a foundation for discussion about the titles.

3. Reading accuracy is improved by 52% and reading comprehension by 76%. It increases reading speed, teaches pronunciation, expands vocabulary, and improves fluency.

4. It improves motivation by 67%, and 27% of the K-12 population are auditory learners.

5. 85% of what we learn, we learn by listening. The test scores increased by 21% when engaged in multi-model learning vs. single mode.

6. Listening to expertly created audiobooks combats the “word gap” by increasing the amount of spoken, complex vocabulary indispensable for academic accomplishment.

7.Collaborating print and audio increases recall by 40% over print alone.

8. It fosters active listening and critical thinking abilities, all of which are required by the Common Core academic requirements.

9. It is advantageous since it gives students the ability to read a good book while doing other things (such as exercising, mowing the lawn, cleaning, walking, or even playing games while muting the game’s sound).

10. It helps people build the strength of mind and concentration they will need to use digital media products.

11. It enables listeners to broaden their perspectives and grapple with difficult texts. A young persons’ listening skills are generally at least two years higher-level than their reading abilities.

12. Bookworms and avid readers like the comfort of adding additional books to their busy life via audiobooks and often return to a title as an audiobook to better comprehend the work.

13. Listening to audiobooks improves the literacy skills and reading ability of readers with learning difficulties and English language learners.

14. According to research, some kids lose up to two months worth of reading development over the school year over a single summer. Audiobooks are the perfect remedy!

15. Listening to literature explains the vocabulary and grammar of classic literature and exposes listeners to other genres such as theater and poetry.

Audiobooks have changed the way we read, but switching to them entirely doesn’t necessarily gain more than the other. Each area has its advantages and disadvantages. Utilizing both media of reading can bring more effectiveness to one’s skills and capabilities.

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