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Having your book published gives you a sense of fulfillment However, as an author, you want to see copies of it on other people’s bookshelves. To achieve your goal, you’ll need to promote, advertise, and market your book. If you want a hassle-free, Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions will guide you all the way through.

We provide exceptional services

Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions is a marketing and advertising company that assists self-published authors in their book production and promoting needs. For one, you can work with our creative team when it comes to creating stunning book covers and illustrations that will fit your requirement and most importantly meet the quality standards set by the Traditional industry. If you don’t have time to review your work for grammar and spelling errors, our copywriters got you covered! In addition, we can create a website with quality articles and videos. Explore our services page to learn more!

We support your author journey

Is it your first time to publish a book? Why stop there? You can learn from the pros by having your masterpiece reviewed by certified critics! On the other hand, we can also feature your book in various distribution channels such as Publisher’s Weekly, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times.  

We build our business around dedication and trust

Finding the right company that will help with your marketing, advertising, and promotion is not easy, considering there are plenty of companies out there that offer the same services. However, working with us gives you lots of advantages. For one, you will work with a dedicated team of professionals who will assist you with everything you need. Also, we strive to fulfill your chosen project within the given timeframe. Most importantly, we offer our services at affordable rates without compromising the quality of output!

When you need help with book production, marketing, and advertising, Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions is the company that you can trust.