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We know that you’ve spent sleepless nights weaving every chapter of your literary masterpiece, and you probably know how complex and overwhelming publishing it. There’s no need to worry because Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions is eager to assist you as you take your book to the next level.

We’ve been helping brands develop and define their voice since 1999. The times may have changed, but our love for creativity and problem-solving hasn't. We’re driven by technology and innovation to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients find their successful future. Get in touch so that we can kickstart your branding today.

We consider ourselves as seers because we can see through your leaps and bounds just to complete or publish your book. Now, we’re here to guide you every step of the way and strive to get your book in front of various platforms, channels, and audiences.


It’s easy to write an engaging and entertaining book until publishing it all by yourself. With Paper Bytes Marketing Solutions, you will be working with professionals who will guide you all throughout the processes, from designing, editing, promoting, advertising, to marketing.


We support any author from different walks of life. We will get to your requests and answer your queries as soon as we receive them.


We strive to provide authors with high-quality results. We won’t stop working until we achieve your desired output and goals.


Your literary masterpiece is your passion. We treat our clients, the authors, and their work, with respect and understanding.

What our clients say

C. Greer

I had a great exeperience with paper bytes. They set up a team environment so you are not alone.

M. Harkness

All Paper Bytes team have work together in a perfect harmony and quick way to accomplish a perfect job.

G. Freeman

While Paperbytes is the less expensive option, you get what you paid for. 

M. Collier

It was a great experience! The book is beautiful.

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